How the idea of Monart was born

Suddenly, as if by magic, something moved inside me, I felt an inexplicable force, an impulse, a need for change, a deep desire to follow my vocation and my desires.

The relentless desire to jump fearlessly towards a new way of living and expressing myself.

I began to think about what happiness was for me and at what moments I felt pervaded by it. Moments of sharing, of welcoming hospitality that I have always experienced and interpreted as acts of love came to mind. Being together, smiles, stories, dreams and ideas to share with friends and acquaintances.

I began to carefully consider the beauty that surrounds us, which is also an inexhaustible source of happiness and well-being. The Universe has given us an enchanting country, an art stage. An infinite richness in terms of life and colors. Everything transmits pure energy in an atmosphere that captivates the heart and rejuvenates the soul. An invaluable heritage that must be loved, valued, cared for, safeguarded and above all shared so that everyone can enjoy it and tell about it.

From these reflections and these feelings, on a late summer evening, the idea of founding the brand “Monart.hospitality” was born and to start the realization of an ambitious project full of hope and beauty.

We start from Naples, an enchanting city of art that tells over 2,500 years of history and suggestions through its historic center. Life here winds through streets and neighborhoods teeming with monuments, perfumes, voices, music and folklore.

In the beating heart of Partenope, the first accommodation facility of the Monart.hospitality brand opens, exactly, in the ancient Piazza Cavour number 98, welcomed by a building of inestimable historical-artistic value just 20 meters from the Archaeological Museum Nazionale and 10 meters from the Museo metro station.

The structure boasts furnishings of great style and elegance, a well-finished and particular design and architecture, all combined with the most modern technological tools to give its guests maximum comfort. The rooms and the services offered are structured and designed to satisfy every need and request. We have thought of couples, families, groups of friends but also the business world.