The perfect destination


Monica Casillo

If you are still undecided about choosing the destination for your next trip, I advise you not to delay further.

Remove all doubts and possible prejudices. You can spend your best vacation in NAPLES!

Naples is a beautiful Italian city overlooking the sea, one of a kind, unconventional, alternative and artistic, capable of surprising any tourist with its charm and identity unchanged over time.

“I’m leaving. I will not forget either Via Toledo or all the other districts of Naples; in my eyes it is, without any comparison, the most beautiful city in the universe.” These are the famous words spoken by Stendhal.

A trip to Naples is an experience that will leave you with surprises at every street corner and, above all, the mad desire to go back again. Thanks to its cheapness and its folklore, it is completely different from other Italian cities, which resists the flattening of globalization and keeps its roots firm: just think that its historic center (along with pizza) has been considered as a heritage of the UNESCO and is the largest in Europe; in it, in fact, there are countless monuments belonging to different eras, streets and alleys rich in history and culture, wonderful panoramas, a cheerful and lively nightlife, an ancient gastronomic tradition without equal in the world, tasteful street food, friendly and generous inhabitants and a unique and original theatrical lifestyle.

Its central location also allows you to reach the nearby islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida (in about 30-60 minutes), the Amalfi Coast, Herculaneum and Pompeii, Caserta. It enjoys a rather mild climate, and it is cold only a few days of the year, so you can organize your trip at any time. From a gastronomic point of view, Neapolitan cuisine, in addition to being excellent, is also quite cheap, so it is possible to eat not only the best pizza in the world.

Also typical dishes such as: meat sauce, Neapolitan Genoese sauce, pasta and beans, pasta and chickpeas, pasta and potatoes with provola, spaghetti with seafood and many other delicacies that cannot fail to end with one of the excellent typical desserts such as babà or puff pastry and His Majesty, the coffee.

We who live here can only tell you how wonderful and unforgettable this city will give you, we will reveal secrets and curiosities, we will accompany you on a journey made of history, culture, folklore and soul. We will do it through this blog, with passion and dedication.